Wednesday, October 9, 2013

VASERsmooth Denver

Have you considered getting VASERsmooth in Denver? It would be wise to be completely informed before you proceed with this surgery. Purely You Body Sculpting by Dr. Zimmerman will do just that. We are committed to informing, educating and answering all questions and concerns regarding VASERsmooth surgery performed in our clinic.

We have a state of the art surgery room and a comfortable private consultation room; add to that our friendly and caring professional staff. You will feel at ease when you enter our offices at the Rocky Mountain Laser College. We want you to be comfortable and enjoy your experience from the first visit to the last. 

Having VASERsmooth in Denver is now completely possible right here in your own back yard. Our high quality VASER line of equipment is well respected and trusted ultrasound-assisted liposuction technology that is used world-wide. VASERsmooth can give you a complete suite of body shaping treatments that will be customized to your particular needs. It is a trusted science with clinically proven results that are backed by an impressive safety record.

You will never know what VASERsmooth can do for you until you call us. That is the first step for finally getting the body you have always wanted.

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